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Three Must Reads for Working Mothers

Must Reads for working mothers

Working mother rarely have time for leisurely reading - we have TO GET STUFF DONE!

That's why we collected three of our favorite reads to help working mothers get the information they need to be informed about the status of working mothers (article #1), gain valuable tips on how to be a present parent who raises responsible, resilient, kind children (article #2) and learn a few tricks to help leave work at work - and be more present for those precious moments with those we love.

Author: Claire Cain Miller (New York Times)

First things first: The struggle we are all feeling is very, very real. And now you have the data (via this article and a 2015 study) to prove it.

Sometimes it can just help to know you are not alone. This New York Times article spells out the challenges working parents face in literally black and white type. The article quotes powerful stats from a 2015 Pew study on working families and will arm you with all the data you need to feel justified in wanting to scream every time you review your to do list. While the piece does not offer strategies for how to manage the delicate - and often elusive - "balance" we all seek (those you will find below), the piece really helped me find some solace that I am not alone.

For example, When I read this quote from the article - I felt like the author had been eavesdropping on a recent conversation I had with my husband:

>>“You basically just always feel like you’re doing a horrible job at everything,” Ms. Barnes said. “You’re not spending as much time with your baby as you want, you’re not doing the job you want to be doing at work, you’re not seeing your friends hardly ever.” - From NYT article<<

Author: Brene Brown, PhD (produced by Sounds True)

So this one is a bit harder to "read" because it is an audiobook. That said, INVEST THE TIME to listen to this powerful course on what it means to be an imperfect parent. Known for her books and groundbreaking TED talk on vulnerability, Dr. Brene Brown outlines 10 guideposts that enable "wholehearted" families. She shares personal stories and simply reminds us that parenting is often very challenging - but we can do it and do it well.

Brown outlines how we can build resilience and vulnerability in our children. Don't miss the story she tells about swim team practice and the "thumbs up/thumbs down" discussion! This is an audiobook I recommend buying so that you can listen to it every so often - whenever you need a reminder that you are imperfect, and that is exactly how it should be.

So part of finding more balance and joy in life is actually being present during the moments you are spending away from work. If you are like me, intrusive work thoughts are had to fight. You may be physically at the gym watching your son's class, but your mind is prepping for your upcoming meeting with the CEO. Author Art Markman does a great job providing concrete actions you can take to leave work at work and enjoy the time you have outside those four walls.

And, don't forget to check out Bright Blue's tips on how to overcome feelings of overwhelm and burnout in the workplace - and regain a life you want and desire.

We would love to hear about your favorite reads for Working Moms! Send your favorite links to us!

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