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Workshops & Speaking

Empowering talks for women professionals and the organizations they lead  - or want to lead.

Supporting Women Professionals

All professionals face challenges in the workplace, yet research and experience have taught Nicole Provonchee that there are a number of specific challenges that women face more often than their male counterparts:

  • Overwhelm, often driven by perfectionism, the "disease to please," or a desire for mastery

  • Slower career and financial advancement due to a lack of confident skills in self-advocacy, self-promotion or negotiation​​

  • Career planning challenges for working mothers due to the need to "balance" work and family, including managing the "mental load"

Not only will Nicole dig into these issues, but she’ll arm women with the tools they need to navigate these pitfalls effectively and achieve their next level of success. Watch this recent interview with Nicole or  Nicole’s speaker's reel to learn more.

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Popular Speaking Programs

Nicole reveals the most common ones women grapple with and the tactics they can use to eliminate them once and for all. Nicole can even survey your group to customize the workshop to the habits that impact your group the most!

For many women, asking for what they need - in a way that works in their workplace - can be challenging. Nicole teaches you how to advocate for the most important person in the room - You! 

We all have preferences around our work and communication styles. Nicole guides professionals and teams through a fun and interactive process to learn how they can be more effective working up, down and across an organization. 

We are humans interacting with other humans, so conflict is inevitable. Nicole will help you identify and hone your "helpful" (and mitigate "less helpful") conflict behaviors so you can approach your next conflict with more skill and confidence.

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Think Beyond a Formal Event

Online Trainings

With 20 years experience and a wealth of coaching techniques in her toolkit, Nicole can customize an online training that informs, engages and empowers attendees. 

Deeper Dives

Want to create a unique event for your leaders or group? Engage Nicole to facilitate a spirited deeper dive into a specific topic like self-promotion, self-advocacy, or perfectionism.

Navigating Change

Leaders are craving connection during this unique, uncertain time. Nicole can host a small group session or sessions that help your leaders navigate chaos by harnessing the knowledge of the group. 

Master Class in Moving Forward

It starts with a simple question: "What stands between you and greater success?"  Nicole will coach, teach and challenge leaders to get out of their own ways.

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What People Are Saying

Clapping Audience

I attended your presentation event several years ago

and it is still my all-time favorite!

I talk about that session all the time.

Confident Woman

Everyone laughed, everybody had emotion!

That's a gift!

She's very good at public speaking.


The content was relevant and allowed me to leave with both new ideas and actionable next steps. I loved this session!

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