As a leader, you don't have time to waste time. And you have problems you need to solve, yesterday. 

Bright Blue Consulting offers executive coaching, leader development training and strategic planning services to C-suite leaders, senior managers and high-potential employees - and the teams they manage. We ensure leaders and teams have the skills they need to compete in today's rapidly evolving business landscape. 


We partner with already successful people to help them remove the barriers that stand in their way and identify new paths forward. We work one-on-one with leaders and their teams to refine communication, improve relationships, change limiting mindsets and reach even bigger personal and organizational goals. 

We also work with leaders, leadership teams and Boards to craft powerful, concise strategic plans that actually work. How? We document your future vision and then help you identify how you will get there - all the while aligning the team to get over the finish line with a plan that is clear and easy to rally behind. 

Nicole Provonchee

Nicole is an experienced executive coach and strategist working with existing and emerging leaders, their teams and the companies that employ them. She helps already successful leaders and high-potential professionals seize opportunities, overcome obstacles and achieve impactful, impressive results. ​


Bright Blue Consulting offers executive coaching, team coaching, and strategic planning services to organizations ranging from midsized non-profits to Fortune 100 corporations.

Learn about Bright Blue's founder, Nicole Provonchee, check out our blog for professional tips you can start using now, or read more about our specialization in working with women professionals.


Bright Blue Consulting was founded on the idea that companies, organizations and associations are better when they have diverse ideas and perspectives at the table.

In June 2017, the number of female CEOs running Fortune 500 companies was at an all-time high: 32. In 2019, it dropped 25% to 24 women. But hey - it is up from just 12 in 2011. 

The data does not add up: Women make up 57% of college students and 52% of the professional workforce. A 2016 Gallup poll found that 45% of American women want a CEO or senior management position. A recent Harvard Business Review study found that women were consistently ranked higher than their male counterparts when it came to leadership, including receiving higher ranks for two key traits: taking initiative and driving for results.


We believe women have the drive, desire, skills and abilities to lead. We also believe that while there have been powerful advances over the past few decades, there are challenges that women face that are unique to their gender. While we cannot solve for all the barriers women face, we can create programs and coaching that increase the probability that women will have a seat at the table by helping women “Lean In” or simply stay an active player in the work place game while also trying to balance family, life and work. 

Bright Blue Consulting provides coaching to existing and emerging women leaders and their teams - and consulting to the the companies that employ them. We leverage assessments, coaching best practices and a wealth of real-world knowledge to build a program as unique as you. We also offer strategic planning services and a number of management development programs for teams and groups.

Located in Nashville, Tennessee, USA

(and we love to travel)

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