You Need to Perform. We Can Help. 

Bright Blue Consulting works with leaders at companies and organizations of all sizes. Our services are customized to the unique needs of each leader and group.

Bright Blue Consulting provides coaching and training services to executives, high-potential managers and teams. We start by understanding your needs and then create a customized plan that delivers on your definition of success.

Who Can Benefit from Executive Coaching?
  • Leaders facing a challenge: new initiative, high- potential and underperforming team, prolonged stress/burnout, new boss, increased responsibility, work/life integration 

  • Leaders charged with setting up a new team or department

  • Individual facing a transition: Starting a new role, planning a career step, preparing for maternity leave, returning to work after a leave of absence or maternity leave

  • Self-aware leaders with a desire to learn and grow

  • Business leader facing a significant business challenge: Declining revenues, stalled operations, product or service expansion

Who Can Benefit from Team Coaching & Development?
  • New teams seeking to quickly reach high-performance status 

  • Leaders desiring to improve the performance of an existing team

  • Organizations seeking to develop and create a supportive community for specific groups like high-potential managers, new hires, or working mothers

Want to see if our coaching approach is right for you, your team or your organization? Reach out and let's chat.

Located in Nashville, Tennessee, USA

(and we love to travel)

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