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Executive & Team Coaching

Even the most successful leaders have challenges.
Enlist a guide to help you get out of your own way.

Executive Coaching

We provide one-on-one personalized coaching support for women professionals designed to help them achieve their next level of success. 


Our Executive Coaching process includes three phases:

Through assessments and conversations, we will uncover your strengths and weaknesses -- the ones you know about, as well as the ones you may not -- and create concrete strategies to help you seize opportunities and bolster weak spots.

While you may already have a few specific goals in mind, we help you clarify and define your next level of success and the achievable goals you want to work toward. We’ll create your tailored roadmap together.

Ambitious women are typically balancing a demanding schedule of conflicting needs. We’ll work with you to develop a program that empowers you with the support you need to feel more confident, less stressed, and more effective.

Team & Group Coaching 

We provide small group coaching support for teams centered around a common concern or desired goal. Much like our approach in Executive Coaching, we help you take your team to the next level.


Our Team Coaching experience involves:

Discovery + Assessment

We start by talking about where the team is, where the team needs to go, and the challenges standing between the team and success. We often offer a range of assessments to help clarify the strengths and development opportunities within the team.  


We have a number of standard coaching, leadership and team communication focused programs that we customize to meet the needs of your team. And, we are happy to develop customized programs to meet unique needs.

Deliver + Measure

Then we get to work with your team. Our coaches meet with teams weekly or monthly and begin delivering highly-interactive, engaging coaching that helps teams dive in, roll up their sleeves and grow together.  All along the way, we measure progress and celebrate success.


"I can say with absolute confidence that I am better professional because of her support."


"She brings positive energy, strategy, organization, and helps teams set realistic expectations to balance presenting needs and organizational aspirations."


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