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Strategic Planning

Strategic plans are powerful guides for organizations.

But only if you use them. 

Team Meeting

A Plan that Works

Can your organizations's leader, leadership team, and Board all agree on what success looks for the organization in one, two or three years? Can all of your leaders state your strategic plan's core goals and know how their work fits into the organization's ultimate success?  

For many organizations, the answer is... maybe?

At Bright Blue Consulting, we guide you through a strategic planing process that results in a comprehensive - yet concise - plan that is realistic to implement, simple to communicate and easy to track and adjust over time.  We help you create a plan that actually works!

The Bright Blue
Strategic Planning Process



We conduct thorough research and meet with all key stakeholders to better understand your organization’s individual strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and unique definition of success.



We share our findings and candid insights obtained during the exploration phase, and, together as a team, we outline the primary goals your organization wants to achieve in next three years.



Armed with a concise, high-level, workable plan, we coach your team on how to use the plan - and celebrate the milestones and successes along the way!

What Clients Are Saying About Our Strategy Services

"I’ve never been as pleased and satisfied with a consultant as I have been with Nicole. Her performance exceeded all expectations every time we worked with her, on every project. I am a better leader because of her." 

- Non-Profit CEO


"Nicole was fantastic to work with. In first talking with her, I knew she had the right skills for our group. She was tactful and kept us on track but also made everyone feel included and heard; she pushed us towards clarity. We will definitely be working with her again." 

- Non-Profit Executive Director

"Nicole listened to our needs and was able to help us develop a solid plan when we were on a very tight deadline. She’s a fantastic facilitator and everyone felt that she far exceeded our expectations."

- Non-Profit Leader

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