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Do more than motivate your audience. 

Empower them. 

Speaking Directly to Women

We all have challenges. However, Nicole Provonchee's research and 20+ years of professional experience has taught that women face certain challenges more often than men in the workplace. Ranging from perfectionism to a fear of self-promotion to the disease to please, these behaviors are limiting the careers of many successful women. 

Nicole dives into each of these issues and ensures women leave with the skills and tools they need to push these career limiting behaviors out of the way and become even more successful!​

Watch the video to learn more >> 

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All professionals face challenges in the workplace. Yet, research and experience have taught Nicole Provonchee that there are a number of challenges that women face more often than their male counterparts. And, if addressed, women can be even more effective and successful!

WiTT event - Photo by Lenny Burnett

Advocate for YOU: Negotiate in a Way that Works

When women negotiate, there are five skills they need to master if they want to succeed. Negotiations are tricky - there can be real social and workplace penalties if you advocate or negotiate in the "wrong" way. This workshop gives women professionals the tools and skills they need to be a better advocate for the most important person in the room: You! 


Get Out of Your Own Way: Stop Your Career Limiting Behaviors

They are called Career Limiting Behaviors and we all have them. They get in the way of being named to lead the next major  initiative or landing the next big promotion. Successful men and women all have barriers that stand between them and even more fantastic success. However, exactly what stands in the way can often differ for women. Learn the Career Limiting Behaviors most common with women and tactics you can use to knock them out of your way! (Ask Nicole about how we can survey your audience to customize this speech to the exact needs of your group!)​ 


Stop Tripping Over Your Bad Habit: Change the Behavior Holding You Back

We all have one - a career (and maybe life) limiting habit that is stands between you and your best self. For some of us it may be procrastination or avoiding conflict. Others may be addicted to being a superhero or have fallen victim to the disease to please. No matter what it is, you have the ability to move it out of your way to be more successful at both work and home. Learn simple ways to identify your specific obstacle and make sustainable changes to move forward!​

Your Next Super Power: The Art of Managing Up

Managing up is the idea that we can get more of what we want by adapting our approach to match the needs of our manager. It can be tricky manage up without "kissing up" - there is an art to it! Learn the six areas you need to know about your manager, and how to use that information to be more effective. (And, the workshop can be adapted to also train managers how to coach their employees to manage up (and make the manager's life easier!)


  • Citizen's Bank - WIN Group

  • Mortgage Bankers Association National mPower Webinar

  • National Association of Women in Construction Southeast Forum 

  • Great River Mortgage Bankers Association Conference - mPower Event

  • Country Music Association Young Professionals

  • Tennessee Society of CPAs Women's Conference

  • HCA - Women in IT

  • Asurion - Women's Initiative Network

  • BMG - Women's Employee Resource Group

  • Tractor Supply Company - Women Out Here

  • Built Technology - Women's Employee Resource Group

  • National Association of Women Business Owners - Nashville Business University

  • Williamson, Inc - Women in Business and Young Professionals Groups

  • WiTT - Women in Technology in Tennessee

  • Junior League of Nashville 



"The fact that she works mainly with women

really spoke to the group. It made it feel like she was in it for us, like she was really looking to pull up women and showcase things that could help us be better in the workplace."

- Leigh

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