Nicole will work with you and your association or organizational leadership to develop an interactive presentation or workshop that meets the unique needs of your members and delivers skills and tools they can use immediately. Popular topics include:

Advocate for YOU: Negotiate For a Raise or Promotion in a Way that Works

When it comes to getting what you want, you are your own best advocate. Yet, there can be real social and workplace penalties if you advocate in the "wrong" way. This workshop will give you the tools and skills you need to be a better advocate for the most important person in the room: You! Get clear on what you want (raise, promotion, flexible hours, etc.) and then learn the skills to document your value and advocate for what you want in a way that works!


Get Out of Your Own Way: Avoiding Common Career Limiting Behaviors for Women

They are called Career Limiting Behaviors. These are the behaviors that get in the way of being named to lead the next big initiative or landing the next big promotion. Successful men and women all have barriers that stand between them and even more fantastic success. However, exactly what stands in the way can often differ for women. Learn the Career Limiting Behaviors most common with women and tactics you can use to knock them out of your way! (Ask Nicole about how we can survey your audience to customize this speech to the exact needs of your group!)​ 


Stop Tripping Over Your Bad Habit: Change the Behavior Holding You Back

We all have one - a career (and maybe life) limiting habit that is stands between you and your best self. For some of us it may be procrastination or avoiding conflict. Others may be addicted to being a superhero or have fallen victim to the disease to please. No matter what it is, you have the ability to move it out of your way to be more successful at both work and home. Learn simple ways to identify your specific obstacle and make sustainable changes to move forward!​

You Have a Great Group.
We Have a Great Speaker.

Nicole Provonchee speaks often to groups, offering pragmatic advice on engaging leadership topics that not only motivate - they empower attendees! Events are customized to the unique needs of the group and attendees will leave feeling energized and armed with new skills. 

Watch the video to learn more >> 

Custom Conversations for Teams & Companies

Every organization faces different challenges and opportunities. Our content for teams and companies is suitable for men and women and  can be customized to address your current challenges while also reinforcing your unique culture. Single session, half and full-day workshops are designed to provide leaders with the skills and tools they need to improve self-awareness, lead teams, navigate internal  structures and amplify their existing talents. 

Popular Topics

Making Work & Life Work Better: Strategies to Avoid High Stress and Burnout

A certain amount of stress in life is normal, but when stress becomes high or chronic, then your health and relationships can really suffer. Join executive coach Nicole Provonchee for an engaging and entertaining discussion about new techniques you can use to manage your stress and maintain your balance when life throws you the inevitable curve ball(s). 

Your Next Super Power: The Art of Managing Up

Managing up is the idea that we can get more of what we want by adapting our approach to match the needs of our manager. It can be tricky manage up without "kissing up" - there is an art to it! This workshop helps employees learn how to adapt their style to get closer to a win-win for both parties. And, the workshop can be adapted to also train managers how to coach their employees to manage up (and make the manager's life easier!) 

Regain Your Equilibrium: Making Work and Life Work for You

Whatever you want to call it: Balance, work/life blend, equilibrium or simple prioritization - finding a way to make time for everything can be very challenging. A lack of work/life balance can lead to feelings of overwhelm, anxiety, stress and ultimately, burnout. The workshop focuses on the skills you need to better align your time with your values, while building and holding the boundaries you need to be successful at work and life!​


Custom programs for teams or special interest groups are also available. Reach out and let's start a conversation about what you are trying to achieve. 


  • Mortgage Bankers Association National mPower Webinar

  • National Association of Women in Construction (NAWIC) Southeast Forum

  • Great River Mortgage Bankers Association Conference - mPower Event

  • Tennessee Society of CPAs (TSCPA) Women's Conference

  • National Association of Women Business Owners - Nashville Business University

  • BMG Women's Employee Resource Group

  • Tractor Supply Company's 'Women Out Here' Employee Resource Group

  • Williamson, Inc - Women in Business

  • Williamson, Inc. - Young Professionals

  • WiTT - Women in Technology in Tennessee

  • Nashville CABLE and Rutherford CABLE

  • Tennessee Dental Association Annual Meeting



  • HCA - Women in IT

  • Junior League of Nashville

  • Dell - Women's Employee Resource Group

  • Asurion - Women's Employee Resource Group

  • Citizen's Bank WIN Group (Providence, RI)


"The fact that she works mainly with women

really spoke to the group. It made it feel like she was in it for us, like she was really looking to pull up women and showcase things that could help us be better in the workplace.

I think it was effective."

- Leigh

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