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The Story of Snowy

My sons built their first snowman this week. They named him "Snowy."

When the snow first fell, it was too fluffy to build into a snowball, much less a proper snowman. (As Southerners visiting Maine, we learned that snow can be light and fluffy - unlike the heavy, wet smattering of snow common in the South). Each morning and afternoon, the boys would test the snow.

The boys had to wait 3 days until the snow was just right enough and Snowy could be "born." Snowy is lumpy, lopsided, a bit dirty... and totally wonderful. (And, in true 2020 form, Snowy has a mask).

Snowy is a lesson in patience, creativity and finding true joy in simple actions. As life continues to throw complexities and unknowns our way, may you ground yourself in memories of when patience and simplicity paid off.


Nicole Provonchee is an executive coach and strategist that works with women leaders and teams across the nation.

After 20 years climbing the corporate ladder, she started Bright Blue Consulting, where she can combine her skills as a coach with her practical experiences as a leader and executive.

Nicole is a sought-after speaker and can bring her "get out of your own way", self-advocacy, negotiation skills workshops to your organization or company. Learn more on her speaking page. Or, reach out to her today.

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