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The Very Best Email Newsletters for Working Women

I recently took the advice of a very smart productivity consultant and did an audit of my email inbox. Turns out, I get a lot of crap I don't need. It also turns out that I receive a few email newsletters that I very MUCH need. As an executive coach to successful professional women and their teams, knowing the latest and greatest info on what is working (and not working) for women in today's workplace is key.

If you are like me, you don't have infinite time to read it all. So, that's where I come in. I have read a gazillion (give or take a few) email newsletters and the best of the best are listed below. Since we all have different interests, I organized it by topic. Now go out there, join some lists and enjoy learning something new!

Women & Current Business News

The Broadsheet: My favorite morning read! This is Fortune Magazine's daily newsletter that summarizes current events that are relevant to working women and links to amazing reads in other publications. It also highlights women in business that you need to know.

Women & Current Issues & Special Interest Articles

The Lily: This is The Washington Post's weekly newsletter that touches on a wide range of tough, touchy and interesting topics relevant to women. The articles are strong, often funny and always very relevant (Note: you may have to subscribe if you read more than the 3 articles a month they give you for free).

Women & Leadership/Management

HBR Women@Work: Each month, Harvard Business Review summarizes the most relevant articles around women at work and sends them to your inbox. Boom - you don't have to search the site for relevant info. Scroll down to the bottom of the list of newsletters to find it - it is last, but I am sure that is not intentional.

HBR Leadership: Each month, Harvard Business Review sends leadership articles to your inbox. Some articles overlap with the Women @Work series, but usually they are different and cover relevant and hot topics about management challenges facing leaders.

Diversity & Inclusion

Better Allies: What I love about this email newsletter is that it is pragmatic and quick. Each Friday, the author sends you five tips you can begin using RIGHT NOW to be more inclusive. It will make you think - and better yet - act differently.

And, I am just going to assume you are subscribing to my newsletter! If not, sign up on our home page!

Did I miss one of your favorites? TELL ME! Email me and let me know what I need to add to this list!

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