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Our monthly newsletter of actionable leadership tactics and insights you can use to push yourself to next level success.

September 2020: Are You Saying NO Enough?
The Power of (sometimes) Saying No
Is your NO muscle anorexic and you YES muscle reflexive? Learn the question you need to ask before you say YES to anything ...  Also included: Why Managers need to lead AND help people grow, how women can retain pre-Covid gains and a great new book for dual professional couples. 
Summer 2020: Tools to Navigate What 2020 Throws At You
Yep. 2020's Hits Keep Coming 

Learn three  techniques you can use to build resiliency for the rest of what 2020 is sure to bring...  Also included: Helpful articles for working parents, how to be (and not be) and Ally, and how to improve your video call appearance.

 Young Woman Contemplating
May 2020: This Tool Helps With all the STRESS You Feel Right Now
This is Hard. Tools Can Help.
Learn one of my favorite coaching tools to help you better weather stressful times and events. Also included: How to support your employees right now, Managing Up and a Great Instagram feed you need to follow!
March 2020: It is an Uncertain Time. This Email Can Help. (Really!)
Lead Yourself + Then Others
This newsletter is packed with the best articles around navigating COVID-19 at work and at home. Also included: How to work from home with kids, how to build and keep resiliency, and how to better on video calls. 
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February 2020: Are You Thinking Strategically (Enough)?
Are You Strategic Enough at Work? 
Learn what to do when you are told to "be more strategic" or how to give that feedback to a direct report.  Also included: How to work with a boss that hates details, how to negotiate, and 5 mistakes managers need to avoid. 
Image by Jamie Street
January 2020: What is Your Word for 2020?
The Year of a Word.
Learn about the importance of intention and then ask yourself "What word will describe my intention in 2020?". Also included: How to balance work and life, why we are addicted to busy, and great advice from 2019.
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