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The Tool You Need Right Now for Stress Reduction

This Covid19 "new normal" is so very far from anything even approaching normal. Sure you have followed the advice of experts and implemented a routine that gives you time for work, attempting homeschooling and all that meal prep (oh so much meal prep)... but let's be honest: This new normal is far from ideal. Most of us are living with an almost constant level of stress - from mild to moderate to freaking-off-the-charts-high-stress. And, over time, this stress can cause very real mental and physical health problems. I am all about tools. I believe that the more tools you have in your proverbial toolbox, the better able you are to catch, juggle and manage all of the balls life throws at you.

Extending Grace

Grace and I have a complex relationship. Mostly it knocks quietly at the door and begs to come in while I ignore its kindly worded requests.

Five Situations Where You Need a Coach

I am often asked (usually by people who have never been lucky enough to have a great executive coach) - who can benefit from coaching? The situations are endless, but here are five situations where coaching can be particularly effective: 1. You just got promoted. And you really want it to go well. Coaches can really help you in a number of areas when you move up the ranks in an organization. They can help you assess the skills you have and the skills you may need to succeed in the new role. They can help you assess any new direct reports (if applicable) and support you as you navigate the group dynamics of your new peers. If you were promoted over your peers, they can help you navigate tha

A Member of the Overwhelmed Working Mothers Club? Tips to deactivate your membership

Managing the overwhelming feelings of overwhelm is one of the most popular topics I discuss with working women. Without exception, all of the paid working moms I know (I list "paid," since all moms are working moms) can cite to do lists that include a wide range of activities: preparing for the Board presentation, securing a coveted spot in summer swimming lessons, finishing the budget submission, pricing a new family cell phone plan... and on and on... (By the way, those are just the items that make the list. There are a hundred other small chores that are required just to ensure the household functions). The lists are long and the hours often seem all too short. For many of my clients, the

Three CEO Mindsets That Limit Business Growth

When a business starts to struggle, business leaders often look across the business to determine how they can improve operations and results. However, if the CEO's approach to management is actually the problem, then addressing other elements will never be enough. Business owners sometimes ignore the one factor that might really be keeping their businesses from taking off: the business owner’s mindset and approach to management of the business and others. Here are three common CEO approaches that can limit a company's ability to grow and succeed. The Hero If you believe that you are the only one who can solve the problem or you always have the best answer, then your team will never be empow

How to Leverage Your Network When You Don't Really Want To

This article is part of a series of blogs around the Five Behaviors Standing Between Women Leaders & Greater Success. This article dives deeper into Career Limiting Behavior #2: Failure to Build Networks You Actually Use. I love the book title "Your Network is Your Net Worth." What I love about the phrase is that it captures the point that your network is not only about how many people you know, but also the rank and influence of those within your network. There are a number of tools that can help you build and maintain your network, with LinkedIn being the most popular (it has 500 million members and 250 million are considered "active). As I work with existing and emerging women leaders, I

The Most Popular Coaching Question: How Does Coaching Work?

"So ... how does coaching with you actually work?" I get this question a lot. It is a great question. And, of course, the answer is: "It depends." It depends on the goals, needs, style and location of the person being coached. (And, it depends a lot on the coach. Working with me can be very different from working with someone with a different style). But, those answers are far from helpful. So, with the understanding that each coaching engagement is different and customized to client, I have outlined my typical coaching approach below: 1. Before We Get Started: Pre-Meeting Questionnaire Before our first call, I will send you a short questionnaire. The form asks a few simple, yet important, q

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