Powerful & Pragmatic Offerings that Address the
Unique Needs of Existing & Emerging Leaders

Whether you need to learn a new skill, hone an existing talent or challenge a well- engrained (but no longer helpful) mindset, we have programs that can help. Learn more about our existing programs below, or contact us about building a custom program for your organization. 

Programs are led by Nicole Provonchee, an experienced speaker and group facilitator. Nicole's blend of research, pragmatism, and humor ensure programs are relevant, actionable and even a bit of fun to attend!


Current programs include: 


  • Management Essentials for People Managers 

  • Women in Leadership Roundtable

  • Balance? What Balance? Finding (and Maintaining) the Ever Elusive "Balance" of Work and Life

  • Relationships Drive Success: Developing and Maintaining Your Power Base

  • You Need a Plan: Creating Your One-Page Strategic Plan

  • Coming Soon - Return2Work: Programs for new moms planning to work outside the home and stay-at-home moms seeking to return to the workforce



We are happy to customize a program to meet the needs of your leaders, team, members or organization. 

Management Essentials for People Managers

Ensuring Every People Manager Has the Skills They Need to Succeed 

All too often, great people are promoted into a people management position, but never given the training around how to manage people. This means strong performers are left to "just figure it out." This program is designed to give new and experienced people managers the skills they need to be successful in the management of their people. Each course is designed to be pragmatic and practical, ensuring participants leave with the tools they need to become great leaders. 

Topics include: 

  • Delivering Constructive Feedback: What Research Says Works

  • Your Role as a Manager: Advocate for Employees or the Organization

  • Driving Behavior Changes in Yourself and Others: A Practical Approach that Works!

  • Coaching vs. Managing: Understanding the Difference (and when to use each)

  • Coaching vs. Managing: Basic Coaching Techniques for Managers

  • Self-Awareness through Self-Assessments*

  • Managing the Generations (Gen Z, Millennials, GenX, Baby Boomers)

  • Managing Up: Advocate For Yourself and Your Team (and How to Do It Well) 

  • Managing Up: How to Teach Your Team to Manage You


*And if you manage a team you may also be interested in: Improving Team Awareness and Communication through Self-Assessments

Courses can be altered to meet the needs of an organization and can be delivered individually as shorter sessions over several months or combined into half and full-day sessions. 

Balance? What Balance?

Finding (and Maintaining) the Ever Elusive "Balance" of Work and Life

Whatever you want to call it: Balance, work/life blend or simple prioritization - finding a way to make time for everything can be very challenging. For working parents, finding a way to achieve "balance" while also releasing "mommy-guilt" can be especially challenging. And for some, the lack of work/life balance can lead to feelings of overwhelm, anxiety, stress and ultimately, burnout.  


This workshop is rooted in the latest research from top academic institutions and think-tanks, interviews with over 125 women conducted by Bright Blue, and one-on-one coaching with dozens of working women and parents. 


Participants will work through a tested process that will enable them to leave with a better understanding of their values and priorities - and how to align their time to support each. Through this process, each individual defines her own balance and walks away with a pragmatic action plan to achieve the balance they seek. 

Participants will leave with:

  • A better understanding of exactly why you are so overwhelmed

  • The tools you need to define what is really important in your personal and professional life

  • An understanding of the barriers that stand between you and balance – and tools you can use when the pop up

  • A personalized action plan you can begin using today 

Relationships Drive Success: Developing and Maintaining Your Power Base

A 60 Minute Investment to Ensure Greater Future Success

In the modern workplace, relationships are key. For most of us, the relationships we have with decisions makers can influence when and how we receive the resources we need to succeed in our roles. And, if you don't have the "right" relationships in place with the "right" people, it can be harder to make it on the short list for new initiatives, new roles and promotions.


To succeed, understanding your sphere of influence and the sphere of influence of others is key. This action-based Workshop will help managers and executives at all levels determine who is (and is not yet) in their "Power Base" and offers a process for how to build a long-term Power Base that ensures future success. This workshop is key for anyone seeking to expedite their career trajectory, launch a new venture or improve their visibility within their existing organization. 

This Workshop includes: 

  • A Power What? Understanding a Power Base

  • Comprehensive Review of Your Current Power Base

  • Identifying Your Gaps & Action Steps

  • The Importance of Ongoing Review & Nurturing

  • Identifying Future Implications

Women in Leadership Roundtable

Group Coaching & Facilitated Discussions Supporting Women as Leaders

There can be power in the collective wisdom of a group. Our Women in Leadership Roundtable can be offered to groups of 5 -15 women leaders with the goals of improving self- awareness and communication, enhancing existing and learning new leadership skills and creating a supportive community for women to enhance peer learning. Bright Blue expertly facilitates each session and tailors the topics and group coaching to the unique needs of the organization and group.


Topics may include:

  • A Key Step to Getting What You Need: Understanding Your Power Base

  • The Value of Mentorship: Finding a Mentor. Being a Mentor.

  • Navigating a Very Fine Line in Business: Assertive vs. Bitchy

  • Just How Far Should You "Lean In?"  

  • Work/Life Balance: Complex Conversations with a Significant Other 

  • Work/Life Balance: Setting A Personal/Family Vision

  • Work/Life Balance: Aligning Time with Your Vision & Values

  • Developing and Promoting Your Personal Brand

  • Setting Boundaries: Backing Away from Burn Out and Overwhelm

Sessions may include pre-reads from selected leadership books and publications. 

Our program is typically offered monthly and includes:

  • Initial Kick-Off Meeting: Assess the group's needs and specific goals. Agenda is then tailored to meet the needs of the group

  • Individual Assessment: Depending on the needs of the group and organization, an individual assessment of each leader can be included. One or more future sessions are devoted to understanding the assessment and translating the results into future 

  • Monthly Group Meetings: Meetings alternate between group coaching sessions around specific leadership skills and challenges, and facilitated group discussions around popular leadership topics or topics of concern for the group. 

Monthly or bi-weekly individual coaching can also be added for group members seeking to address specific needs, barriers and opportunities. 

You Need A Plan: Creating Your One-Page Strategic Plan

We Take the Fear Out of Strategic Planning & Help You Create the Plan You Need

For most, the idea of developing a strategic plan for their organization, business, new initiative or even new approach to life sounds like a good idea... but actually getting started seems really intimidating.


Rooted in the idea that there is real power in simplicity, our course will walk you through the creation of an actionable strategic plan that puts all the information you need to know onto one page. And once you have all the critical information in one place, you can use the one page plan to identify opportunities and tackle barriers, track and celebrate 
milestones, and align others around your vision, goals and action steps.

This workshop is key for any one interested in expanding their business, launching a new venture, service, product or initiative, or any leader feeling stuck or unclear about their next move. It is also great for anyone who simply needs to bring more structure to their existing business strategy and align their internal team. 


Your Key Takeaway: A one-page strategic plan you can actually use. Today

Return2Work: A Program for New Moms 

Supporting New Moms As They Navigate Maternity Leave & Re-Entry Into Work

For new moms, especially for those who are used to overachieving, returning to work after having a baby can be very challenging. For many new moms, just as you are beginning to recover and your baby is starting to finally engage, you have to head back to work - navigating child care, pumping, post-baby-brain, and unfathomable exhaustion. This course is designed to support moms before, during and after maternity leave to ensure they have the tools and resources they need to navigate their new life as a working mom. 

Based on leading research, interviews with over 100 working mothers, and coaching experiences with dozens of working mothers, this program covers a wide range of topics, including:​​

  • Be Prepared: Planning for a Smooth (as possibleTransition of Your Work 

  • Be Clear: Expectation and Boundary Setting for Maternity Leave

  • Start Talking: The Conversations You Need to Have Before You Go Back to Work

  • Be Prepared (again): Navigating the Logistics of a Return to Work 

  • Be Clear (again): Expectation and Boundary Setting for Your Return to Work

  • Cut Yourself Some Slack: Creating Your New Life Balance 

  • Anticipate and Solve: Identifying and Solving for the Most Common Challenges


The course is conducted in a group setting and includes a workbook that serves as a key ongoing resource. 


If companies want to truly increase the number of women at the top ranks, they have to retain top talent. This workshop series enables companies to invest in working mothers to ensure they continue to grow in their careers and contribute to the organization, while also achieving success as a parent. 

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